In Review: Pears Pure & Gentle Shower Gel Review

Hello there!

Today I will be reviewing the Pears Pure and Gentle Shower gel with pure glycerin. Pears is a trusted brand when it comes to skincare and is well known for being gentle on the skin. I have been using this shower gel for the past month and wanted to share my thoughts with you all. So, let’s get started and see how this one fared out for me!

About The Product: The secret of soft, innocent-looking skin over several generations is now in your hands! Pears Pure & Gentle is 100% soap-free and formulated with specially chosen ingredients to take care of your skin in a way that you love, a mild and gentle way. Come, let the goodness of Glycerin care for your skin like it has for millions of happy complexions around the world.

Packaging: The shower gel comes in a see-through plastic bottle with a flip top cap. You need to press the tube in order to get the product out. The only problem I faced was that quite a lot of product comes out in a single go which I feel leads to product wastage. Anyhow, as you can see from the pictures, it comes with a hook on the top, which comes in handy while hanging the bottle. The overall packaging is quite bulky and takes up a considerable amount of space.

Formulation: As the name suggests, this has a gel-based formula and is easy to work with. It easily spreads on the loofah and produces a rich lather.

My Thoughts On The Product: The Pears Pure & Gentle shower gel cleanses the body really well. Since it contains glycerin, the skin feels smooth, plump and moisturized after every use. It does not rip away any moisture at all and is instead gentle and forgiving on the skin. However, it is always better to follow up with a moisturizer. Along with this, rinsing it off is also not a problem since it easily comes off with water without leaving behind any greasiness. It has a soft feminine scent that feels quite relaxing; but does not stay on for long .


  • Completely soap-free
  • Contains glycerin that moisturizes the skin
  • Gel consistency
  • Lathers very well
  • Cleanses the body effectively
  • Easy to rinse off
  • Refreshing fragrance


  • Bulky packaging
  • Does not come with a loofah
  • Fragrance does not last for long

Price: Rs 185 for 250 ml

Rating: A-

Final Thoughts: Even though I am not pleased with the packaging, the Pears Pure & Gentle shower gel effectively cleanses the body without making it dry. All in all, a good option to try out!


So, have you tried the Pears Pure & Gentle shower gel lately? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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