In Review: Lakme Nail Color Remover

Hello there,

If you are a nail polish lover like me, then you must know the importance of a good nail paint remover. The product that I am reviewing today is the Lakme Nail Color Remover. Lakme is one of the oldest and well known cosmetic brands in India. This particular remover has been there in the market for as long as I can remember. So without further ado, let’s get started and see if this one worked for me! Stay tuned!

What The Brand Claims:

The safest and healthiest way to remove your nail color! Lakme Nail Color Remover does not damage the quality of your nails. Enriched with Vitamins, Lakme Nail Color Remover prevents excessive dryness around the nails, removes color completely & simultaneously strengthens your nails.

How To Apply:

  • Prepare some cotton to use with the remover
  • Take some remover on the cotton and place it over your nails
  • Let the product soak in the nail paint and then gentle rub it off
  • Repeat the process if the shade being removed is darker by nature

Packaging: The nail paint remover comes in a thick glass bottle that is rectangular in shape. The glass is quite solid but not travel friendly. As you open the cap, there is a plastic hole that is used to dispense the product. While instructions and volume of the product are mentioned at the back of the bottle, the price along with the date of manufacturing is specified at the base.

My Experience With The Product: The Lakme Nail Color Remover is bluish-purple in color and has a liquid consistency. It is very effective in removing the nail color from the nails and that too quite easily and quickly. It also does a good job when it comes to glitter nail polishes. It makes the nails clean without leaving behind any whitish layer or residue.

Even though the ingredient list is not mentioned, but I feel that it certainly contains some strong ingredient. I say this because it makes my nails quite dry post usage which is definitely not healthy in the long run. Also, I found the smell to be quite strong. It reminds me of some sort of spirit or acetone.


  • Removes the nail color effectively and quickly
  • Removes glitter polishes too
  • Does not leave any whitish layer behind
  • Easily available
  • Affordable


  • Glass packaging is not travel friendly
  • Makes my nails dry
  • Strong smell
  • No mention of ingredient list

Price: Rs 80 for 27 ml

Rating: B+

Final Thoughts: To sum up, it works very well in terms of removing the nail color effectively as well as swiftly, but I cannot ignore the fact that it makes my nails dry. For me, this is too strong a remover and I would use this only if I want to get rid of very stubborn glitter. Otherwise, I am very happy with my Colorbar Nail Polish Remover, which I have already reviewed on the blog.


So, Have you tried the Lakme Nail Color Remover lately? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!


Till next time,


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