Gearing Up Your Skincare Routine For The Upcoming Winters!

Hello ladies!

Since winters are just round the corner and the leaves are already changing their color, I thought I would write a skincare post today! Now we all are aware that our skin’s needs change with the weather and these need to be well catered to. Following a consistent and healthy skincare routine is extremely important in order to keep your skin happy and healthy. 🙂 So, here I present before you some tips that would help your skin all season long. Keep reading to find out more!


1. Load Up The Moisturizer: It goes without saying that with the weather becoming dry, your skin starts to feel dry and flaky too. A moisturizer is definitely an absolute must for the winter season. Pick one that has more of emollients and nourishing agents in order to keep the skin hydrated at all times. Also, try to apply the moisturizer as soon as you take a shower. This will help your skin to lock-in the moisture and stay smooth and nourished.


2. Avoid Long, Hot Showers: I am sure many of us are guilty of this one! While it is tempting to take long, hot showers during the chilly weather, it does not go well with your skin! Using too much hot water can suck out the moisture and make the skin dry. At times, it can even cause redness and rashes! Thus, it is always better to use lukewarm water while taking a shower.


3. SPF Is A Must: As much as we all enjoy sunbathing, we tend to forget that it can actually do more harm than good if proper precaution is not taken. Also, it is a very common misconception that we need sunscreen only during summers, which is obviously untrue! Your skin needs sunscreen all round the year! No matter the weather, the Sun’s UV rays are always affecting your skin, which can cause damage, thereby arising the need for a good sunblock with an appropriate SPF content.


4. Hydration Is The Key: It is very important to keep your body hydrated at all times. It is suggested that you should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day. This not only flushes out the toxins from your body, but also makes the skin healthy and clear . Moreover, water also helps in maintaining skin elasticity and makes you glow from within. Make it a habit to always carry water with you, especially while travelling. And, nowadays there are even apps available that help you track your water intake.


5. Pick A Mild Scrub: Exfoliation is an important step when it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy skin. It removes the layer of dead skin cells and reveals a clearer skin. But due the already dry weather, at times we tend to ignore this step, which is not right. Go for a mild scrub that does not aggravate the dryness. You can also try natural scrubs using sugar or walnut powder, if it goes well with your skin.



6. Incorporate Facial Oil: I am a big fan of facial oils and love them dearly! Facial oils are truly a boon, especially for those with dry to very dry skin. But I would still suggest to do a patch test first to see if your skin reacts to them. By nature, oils are rich in nutrients that help moisturize the skin. They help keep dryness and dullness away and impart your skin a beautiful natural glow.When used consistently, they also work well to improve the overall skin texture.


7. Go For Moisturizing Masks: During dry winter season, apply a hydrating or moisturizing face mask once a week. This will impart the much-needed nourishment to the skin while brightening it up. You can also try Sheet Masks that are literally flooding the market right now! There are so many options to choose from; depending upon what your skin needs.


8. Healthy Lifestyle: A healthy skin cannot be achieved with an unhealthy lifestyle. Now as cliche as it sounds, this is indeed true! Whatever you eat, reflects on your skin. So, take a balanced diet with more of fruits and veggies. Exercise as often as you can and try to reduce your stress levels. Also, make it a habit to sleep on time and get a minimum of 8 hours of beauty sleep every night. Follow these simple steps and your skin will definitely thank you! 🙂


9. Take Good Care Of Your Hands & Feet: It is also important that you take good care of your hands and feet. Keep your hands smooth and hydrated by regularly using a good hand cream. Also, give some TLC to your feet by regularly exfoliating them, following by a moisturizing foot cream.


10. A Healthy Pout: Dry lips is one of the most common problems faced during winters. In order to keep your lips smooth and hydrated, pick a nourishing lip balm that contains SPF. This will also help prevents chapped lips and keep dryness at bay. Also, since most of love to use liquid lipsticks that can be quite drying on the lips, a lip balm assumes even more importance.


11. Avoid Using Harsh Soaps: Harsh soaps tend to make the skin dry and suck the natural moisture out. Therefore, go for a body wash that has a creamy formula and is gentle on the skin too! There are so many amazing body washes in the market today with such lovely scents! Pick the one that suits you best!


12. Give Natural Remedies/DIYs A Try: You can never go wrong with natural remedies! Go natural with ingredients such as Honey, Aloe Vera, Milk Cream, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, etc. These can work wonders for your skin! But make sure you are using the right recipe depending on your skin type.



So my lovelies, these were some tips I wanted to share with you all to get ready for the winter season. I hope you found these useful. If you have some more tips, then please do share in the comments section below!

Till next time,



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