Finally Revealed: How Did Jack Pearson Die, This Is Us!

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As you might have guessed from the title of this post, today I will be talking about NBC’s spectacular drama series, This Is Us! Now we all start looking for tissues even at the mention of this show! I am sure many of you must be following this mind blowing production. I myself am an avid viewer and am totally hooked! In fact, this is one of those very few shows that has truly touched my heart to its very core.

Jack’s Death

So finally! After the long wait of nearly 2 years, it has been finally revealed ‘How did Jack actually die’! Ever since the pilot episode, the viewers were curious to know what exactly happened to their beloved patriarch, Jack Pearson. Honestly, I was not expecting it be revealed in this season either! I was guessing that it would be further carried on to the next season, but when I came to know the deal about the crock pot, I knew what was coming! Oh my gosh! What a soul-crushing moment that was!!!

The entire house catches fire because of some fault in the crock pot and slowly starts spreading to the rest of the house. In the Superbowl Sunday episode, initially Jack, along with his family, manages to escape the burning house. But he goes inside again in order to rescue the family dog, Louie, because “He loves the girl that loves the dog”! (Referring to Kate). Sob! Sob!

In fact, he not only got the dog back but also some priceless family possessions. But unfortunately, due to excessive smoke inhalation, he suddenly died of a cardiac arrest in the hospital and that too when Rebecca had just gone out of the room. Oh man! This was one hell of an emotional roller coaster that hits you like a thunderbolt…

Viewers’ Reaction 

As it is clearly evident on social media, viewers are devastated by Jack’s death and are still mourning. We all can of course relate deeply to the character of Jack Pearson, whether it is in the form of a devoted father, a loving husband and most importantly, a great human being. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see him die on the show! Both Milo & Mandy portrayed their roles just beautifully! It was so so moving!

Jack’s Funeral

The latest episode ‘The Car’; that showed Jack’s funeral was equally painful and agonizing. We got to learn about the significance of the wagon as well as the tree where Jack’s ashes were spread. Rebecca, Kevin, Kate and Randall, all are seen dealing in their own unique way with this tragedy. Along with this, we also got to see Dr. Katowski back on the show; consoling Rebecca. It was just impossible to stop the tears rolling down the eyes!


What To Expect In The Upcoming Episodes?

According to the makers of the show, even though the mystery of Jack’s death has been unraveled, there is still much more to come! Milo Ventimiglia, in his interviews, has also been emphasizing on the fact that viewers should focus more on the way he lived; not how he died! In the upcoming episodes, light will be thrown on Jack’s time in the Vietnam War and his brother Nicky; who had passed away. We will also get to know how Rebecca and Miguel came together.



My Final Thoughts

Even though I am sad to see Jack passing away on the show, but at the same time, I am also excited for the upcoming episodes to see the various other aspects of his life. It will also be interesting to see how Rebecca and the Big 3 cope with their loss and move forward.

Also, I want to give a big shout out to all these incredibly talented actors! I am just amazed at how beautifully they portray their respective characters! It is truly magical! Each one of them is just brilliant and I love them all so so much. I just can’t get enough of this show and wish them all the very best. I hope the show continues for many many more seasons and achieves even greater success.

 Jack Pearson! We love you! You will continue to live on in our hearts forever and ever!


This Is Us returns Feb 27, 2018 on NBC.

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