In Review: Lux Fine Fragrance Iconic Iris Soap, Moroccan Iris And Patchouli Oil Scent

Body skin type: Normal to dry

Hey there!

Welcome back to my blog! Lux is an age-old household name in the Indian market and it has been there for as long as I can remember. Even though Lux is literally synonymous with soaps that are extremely popular, I have never really been a fan! However, the brand has been revamping its products as well as the packaging, so I thought of giving it another try.

The product that I am reviewing today is the Lux Fine Fragrance Iconic Iris Soap with Moroccan Iris And Patchouli Oil Scent. The packaging of this product spoke to me and I just picked it up without any second thought. Now after using it for more than 2 weeks now, I am ready with my review and wanted to share it with you all. So, let’s get started and see how was my experience this time! Stay tuned…

What The Brand Claims:

The Lux Perfumed Soap Collection-Experience incomparable fragrances specially crafted to leave your skin beautifully perfumed for hours.

Iconic Iris– This fragrance combines mysterious, feminine and soft, caring notes of Iris and Patchouli oil to create a scent that celebrates feminine sophistication and poise.

Packaging: The soap comes in a gorgeous purple and black colored cardboard box inside which the product is housed. Kudos to the brand for coming up with such a stunning packaging. It’s just so beautiful! All the vital information such as price, net weight, date of manufacturing and date of expiry are clearly mentioned. Overall, the packaging is attractive as well as travel friendly.

My Thoughts On The Product: Lux Iconic Iris soap has an egg-like oval shape and is dark purple in color. It has the word ‘Lux’ engraved on it along with a perfume bottle. It is easy to work with and produces a rich lather on coming in contact with water. I apply it on wet skin and it effectively does the job of cleansing. It gets rid of all the dirt, dust and impurities and leaves the skin clean and refreshed after every use. The soap is neither hydrating nor drying, but just okay. However, I always do follow it up with a moisturizer. In addition, here I would also like to point out that I prefer using this only on the body, and not on the face.

Rinsing off the product is also quick and fuss-free, as it easily comes out with water in a single go. It does not leave behind any residue on the skin whatsoever. Now coming to the fragrance, this soap has a bold floral scent that feels quite strong and overpowering at first. But it settles down quickly and lingers on for some time. The product is available both as a single item as well as a pack of 4. It is easily available and is affordable too. However, the size is just too tiny and gets consumed quickly. I just wish the product amount was more!


  • Gorgeous, eye-catching packaging
  • Age-old trusted brand
  • Produces a rich lather
  • Effectively cleanses the skin
  • Removes all the dirt, dust and impurities
  • Rinsing off is also quick and easy
  • The scent feels quite strong at first, but eventually settles down
  • Easily available both online and in stores
  • Affordable


  • The size of the soap is too tiny for the price
  • Complete ingredient list is not mentioned

Price: Rs 32 for 75 gm

Rs 110 for 75 gm (Pack of 4)

Rating: B+

Final Thoughts: Lux Iconic Iris is a decent soap that effectively cleanses the body and removes all the dirt and impurities. The packaging is just stunning and surely catches the eye! However, the size of the product is too tiny and gets consumed quickly. All in all, this is fairly nice soap if you are looking for a change.

Till next time


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