Oriflame Feet Up Daily Softening Foot Cream With Arnica And Jojoba-Review

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If you have been following my blog for a while, then you must be aware of my absolute love for Oriflame foot creams. I have tried almost all of them and they have always worked brilliantly for me! So when I came across their 2 new foot creams, I knew I had to try them out! I purchased the Daily Softening variant that I have been using for a couple of months now. So let’s jump right into the review and see how this one fared out for me! Keep reading…

What The Brand Claims: Say good-bye to dryness and hello to soft, healthy feet with the conditioning properties of natural Arnica and Jojoba. Feet Up Comfort Daily Softening Foot Cream is formulated with a wonderfully smooth texture and is easy to apply and ideal for providing daily moisturization without any greasiness. Dermatologically tested.

Packaging: Oriflame has revamped the packaging of all their foot creams and they now come in a beautiful matte packaging and in a bigger size. The white and yellow tube looks absolutely stunning and instantly catches one’s attention. It has a flip-top cap that shuts tightly with a click and makes it secure to carry around. All the important details such as use-before date, ingredient list, net product quantity and price are clearly mentioned. Overall, the packaging is attractive, hygienic-to-use as well as travel friendly.

Ingredient List:

My Experience With The Product: Oriflame Feet Up Daily Softening Foot Cream is white in color and has an incredibly smooth texture. It spreads on the skin like a dream and gets absorbed quickly. I always massage my feet for a few minutes for the product to properly seep into the skin and provide deep nourishment. The best part about this foot cream is its formula; which is just perfect! It is neither matte that would attract dirt and dust, nor greasy that would leave my feet sticky. It feels absolutely lightweight and non-greasy, which is a big plus!

This foot cream makes my feet as well as heels soft, moisturized and thoroughly nourished and can be used all-year round. However, in order to heal extremely dry and cracked heels, you will need something extra! Speaking of the fragrance, this foot cream has a prominent scent that feels soothing and lingers on for a good amount of time. However, it can be slightly strong for sensitive noses! The product can be easily bought online as well as through Oriflame reps.


  • Stunning, hygienic and travel-friendly packaging
  • Perfect texture, neither too matte nor too greasy
  • Beautifully spreads on the skin, a dream to work with
  • Gets absorbed in a jiffy
  • Absolutely lightweight and non-greasy
  • Makes the feet soft, moisturized and thoroughly nourished
  • Regular use makes the feet healthy
  • Can be used all-year round
  • Huge product quantity, goes a long way
  • Soothing scent that lingers on for a good amount of time
  • Easily available online as well as through Oriflame reps


  • Expensive
  • Contains parabens
  • The scent can be somewhat strong for sensitive noses
  • Does not come in a smaller size as of now
  • Will not heal extremely dry or cracked heels

Price: Rs 655 for 150 gm

Rating: A+

Do I Recommend This? Oriflame Feet Up Daily Softening Foot Cream has a perfect texture, that is neither too matte nor too greasy. It beautifully spreads on the skin and blends in quickly. The formula is lightweight and non-greasy and makes the feet hydrated, moisturized and healthy. The product quantity is huge and goes a long way. And, the soothing scent is another reason to love this product!

Out of all the Oriflame foot creams that I have tried, this is undoubtedly my most favorite and I am super impressed. Highly Recommended! 🙂


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