Maybelline Party Girl Nail Polish, Fireworks: Review, Swatches

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Today’s review is on the Maybelline Party Girl nail paint, in the shade ‘Fireworks’. So let’s begin and get into the complete review. Keep reading to find out more…

What The Brand Claims: The stunning glitter nail paints are the best accessory you can flaunt this season. These runway inspired range of colors help you stand out and make a style statement. The bold, glittery and glossy texture nail paints look opaque in a single coat and makes an instant hit.

Packaging: The nail paint comes in a cute little bottle with the words ‘Party Girl’ mentioned in holo. It states all the important information like date of manufacturing, MRP and shelf-life clearly. The shade name as well as the shade number are mentioned at the top of the bottle. The brush is also easy to use and smoothly covers the nail area. All in all, the packaging is beautiful, sturdy as well as travel friendly.

Shade: ‘Fireworks’ is a ruby red color with microshimmers and hexagonal glitter particles. The finish is neither too glossy nor too matte.

My Experience With The Product: Maybelline Party Girl Nail Polish in the shade Fireworks has a medium consistency because of the presence of glitter particles. Unfortunately, the formula is not the easiest to work with! As you can see in the pictures below, it does not apply evenly and can get patchy. It takes some time to dry down completely, but glitter particles do not feel chunky or harsh on the nails . This particular shade is low on pigmentation and needs at least 2-3 swipes for the color to build up. I feel this would work better as a topper!

Coming to the staying power, it easily stays on for 5-6 days, which is great. But like most polishes, it does start to chip off from the tips if you are into everyday kitchen chores. Since this nail paint contains glitter particles, removal is definitely a task and it can get slightly messy too! Even though the color comes off easily, but the glitter particles take some time and effort to be removed completely. You do need to go over 2-3 times with a good polish remover to properly get rid of the glitter. The product can be easily found online as well as at Maybelline counters.

Nail Swatches:


  • Well-thought, fun and creative shade names
  • Beautiful as well as sturdy packaging
  • Easy-to-use brush
  • Glitter particles do not feel rough or chunky
  • Stunning shade
  • Good staying power
  • Budget friendly
  • Easily available online as well as at Maybelline counters


  • Formula is not the easiest to work with
  • Application can get uneven and patchy
  • Takes some time to dry down completely
  • Color payoff is low, would work better as a topper
  • I wish it had more of a shiny finish
  • Glitter removal is a pain and can get slightly messy

Price: Rs 150 for 6 ml

Rating: B

Do I Recommend This? While the shades Tequila Sunrise and Blushing Bubbly from Maybelline’s Party girl range are my all-time loves, Fireworks was a total dud for me! The formula is not the easiest to work with and the polish takes time to dry down completely. The pigmentation is low and application can get uneven and patchy.

Even though the color is absolutely stunning, I am not happy with the formula! I feel it would work better as a topper, but I won’t be repurchasing it!


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