Dettol Co-Created With Moms, Jasmine Soap Bar Review


Dettol India some time back launched their Co-Created With Moms range and today I have with me the Jasmine Soap Bar. After using it for a while now, I wanted to share my experience with you all. So let’s jump right into the review and see how did it fare out for me. Keep reading to find out more…

What The Brand Claims: Your trusted Dettol offers a new range of Dettol Co-Created with Moms beauty bathing soaps. It is made by ingredients approved by moms and with minimal chemicals. This new range is free from parabens, harsh chemical residues, artificial dyes, and talc; it has fragrance infused with 100% natural jasmine essence. It gives 10 times better protection than any ordinary soap and is gentle on skin. Reassuringly, Dettol protects from a wide range of illness-causing germs and bacteria to help you stay healthy.

Packaging: The packaging of this product certainly catches one’s attention and is really beautiful. The soap comes in a white and pink-colored plastic pack, that is easy to carry around. It clearly mentions all the important details like date of manufacturing, price, date of expiry, net weight and ingredient list. Overall, the packaging is simple, attractive as well as travel friendly.

Ingredient List:

My Experience With The Product: Dettol Co-Created With Moms, Jasmine Soap Bar is white in color and has a smooth texture. It is very easy to work with and lathers up well. It effectively cleanses the body and removes all the dirt, dust and impurities. The skin feels smooth, clean and refreshed after every use. The product is gentle and forgiving on the skin and does not dry it out, which is great!

Rinsing off the product is also quick and easy and it does not leave any greasiness behind. Coming to the fragrance, this soap has a soft, pleasant scent that is quite mild and not at all OTT. I feel this product would best suit those with combination to dry skin and can be used all-year round. The product comes at an affordable price point and can be easily found in stores as well as online.


  • Beautiful, attractive and travel-friendly packaging
  • Produces a rich, creamy lather
  • Effectively cleanses the body
  • Leaves the skin smooth, clean and refreshed
  • Gentle and forgiving on the skin, does not dry it out
  • Quick and easy to rinse off
  • Soft, pleasing fragrance that lingers on for some time
  • Can be used all-year round
  • Budget friendly
  • Free from parabens, talc and dyes
  • Easily available in stores as well as online
  • Can be bought as a single bar or a value pack


  • None for me!

Price: Rs 30 for 75 gm (Single bar)

Rs 160 for 75 gm (Buy 4 get 1 free pack)

Rating: A+

Do I Recommend This? Dettol Co-Created With Moms, Jasmine Soap Bar has a smooth formula and is easy to work with. It produces a rich creamy lather and effectively cleanses the body. It is gentle and forgiving on the skin and leaves it smooth, clean and refreshed. It has a soft, pleasing scent and comes at an affordable price too. Highly Recommended! 🙂


Till next time,


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