Colorbar Well In Shape Crystal Nail Filer Review

Hello ladies!

Some time back, Colorbar had launched their Crystal Nail Filer, that I had purchased in the pink color. After using it for a while now, I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys. So let’s get started with the review and see how was my experience with this one. Stay tuned…

What The Brand Claims: Sculpt your nails to perfection with this revolutionary colored crystal nail filer. Well In Shape Crystal Nail Filer is gentle on natural nails and can be used regularly. It seals the keratin layers together at the edge of the nail, preventing peeling and chipping. Another bonus is that it is easy to clean and disinfect, can be sanitized and sterilized.

Packaging: Colorbar is upping their packaging game with every new launch. I mean just take a moment to appreciate this beauty! The nail file comes in a sturdy plastic outer cover that shuts tightly with a click and is completely travel-friendly. The filer is placed inside it and is absolutely beautiful.

My Experience With The Product: Colorbar Crystal Nail Filer has a smooth surface and is easy to work with. It does a great job and effectively files the nails. It fits right in your bag and is easy to carry around.

It neither feels harsh on the nails, nor does it damage them, which is great! This filer is easy to clean and goes a long way. It retails for Rs 175 and can be easily found online as well as on Colorbar’s website.


  • Trusted and renowned brand
  • Stunning, unique and travel-friendly packaging
  • Effectively files the nails
  • Comes in 2 colors-Pink and Black
  • Feels gentle on the nails, does not damage them
  • A complete value-for-money product, budget-friendly
  • Easily available online and on Colorbar’s website


  • None for me!

Price: Rs 175

Rating: A+

Final Thoughts: Colorbar Crystal Nail Filer is easy to use and has a smooth surface. It does a great job of filing the nails and neither feels harsh, nor damages them. It is easy to clean and goes a long way. And, it comes at such an affordable price,which is just cherry on the cake. A complete value-for-money product. Highly Recommended! 🙂


Till next time,


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