Dove Original Cream Beauty Bathing Soap Bar-Review

Skin type: Normal to dry



Today, I am reviewing the classic Dove Cream Soap Bar. I am sure most of you must have used this at one point or the other. So let’s get into the review and see what are my thoughts on it. Keep reading to find out more…

What The Brand Claims: With ¼ moisturizing cream, richly blended with its mildest cleansers, no other beauty bar has more skin-natural moisturizers than Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar. Everyday moisture is the key to beautiful skin. And who knows moisture better than Dove?

Packaging: The product comes in a white-colored cardboard box with dark blue lettering. As you open the box, you can find the soap bar housed inside. All the details such as price, net weight of the product, date of manufacturing, use-before date and ingredient list are clearly mentioned. Overall, the packaging is beautiful as well as travel friendly.

Ingredient List:

My Experience With The Product: Dove Original Cream Beauty Bar is white in color and is really smooth to touch. It produces a rich creamy lather and effectively cleanses the body. It leaves the skin clean, soft and refreshed and is thoroughly moisturizing. It does not make the skin dry or stretchy, which is great! In addition, the formula is gentle and forgiving on the skin as well.

However, rinsing the product off takes some time and one needs to spend a few extra minutes in order to completely get rid of the product. Otherwise, it can leave a greasy feel behind! I feel this would best suit someone with normal to dry skin and is an ideal pick for the dry, winter season. The product can be bought as an individual bar as well as a value pack and is easily available online too.


  • Trusted and renowned brand
  • Beautiful as well as travel-friendly packaging
  • Enriched with 1/4th moisturizing cream
  • Super smooth texture
  • Produces a rich creamy lather
  • Effectively cleanses the body
  • Provides a luxurious bathing experience
  • Leaves the skin clean, smooth and nourished
  • Gentle and forgiving on the skin
  • Ideal for normal to dry skin , especially during winters
  • Can be bought as an individual bar as well as a value pack
  • Signature Dove scent, soothing and pleasing to the nose
  • Easily available online and in stores


  • Rinsing off takes some extra time, otherwise it can leave a greasy feel behind
  • Pricey as compared to other brands in the market
  • The soap gets consumed quickly

Price: Rs 155 for 100 gm (Pack of 3)

Rating: A-

Final Thoughts: Dove Original Cream Beauty Soap has an incredibly smooth texture and lathers very well. It effectively cleanses the skin and leaves it clean, smooth and nourished. It is really gentle and forgiving on the skin and is a great pick for the winter season. It has a beautiful mild scent that I absolutely love and the product can be easily found online and in stores.

However, on the downside, rinsing it off requires some extra time, otherwise it can leave a greasy feel behind, that I just don’t like. Also, the soap bar gets consumed relatively quickly and is definitely priced on the higher side.


Till next time,


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